Acupuncture Therapy Testimonials

Feedback from Current and Past Patients

This section is designed to illustrate the scope and effectiveness of acupuncture therapy practiced by Brad Hill. We offer a collection of success stories organized by category. You may read all testimonials by selecting the “All Testimonials” category or read the testimonials by selecting their respective categories.

Remember, because every patient is unique, individual outcomes may vary and these testimonials should not be read as a guarantee.

Acute Knee Pain:

One day in September 2008, as I was seeking relief from acute pain in my right knee, I knocked at Brad's door. This tall, gentle, courteous, welcoming gentleman, my future acupuncturist, invited me in.

Actually, during this initial visit, which lasted 2 hours, we engaged in a long detailed conversation concerning my physical symptoms, as well as my emotional and psychological state, my work and other lifestyle information. From this first encounter with Mr. Brad Hill, I sensed I was accepted for who I am, never felt judged. Then, as he unleashed the Chinese techniques to help my body heal itself, did I realize I had found a great treasure in this genuine "American Healer," this unforgettable person with a heart of compassion and understanding. And so I did not hesitate to request some advice on how to help some of my friends with their ailments. Mr. Hill is one who forgets himself and shows regard for the worth of others.

Moreover, he is a well-educated, calm, stable practitioner, always diligent, trying to do all tasks well and on time. Without exception he provides quality health care in a kind, tranquil manner. If you ever have a chance to deal with Mr. Hill, you will soon learn that he is one who is courteous, benevolent, and considerate. He has a distinct quality of being.

ONE LAST NOTE. My pain is gone. My right knee has been restored, is back in balance without side effects or surgery. I feel I have a new lease on life. -T.B.

Neck Pain:

My neck was broken in an accident four years ago. I have been in constant pain, even with physical therapy and pain medication. As a result of acupuncture treatment with Brad, my neck feels better than anytime since before the accident. - Grad Student

Kayaking Injury:

In July, 2007, I hurt my shoulder while kayaking. I went to my primary care physician in September, who referred me to a shoulder surgeon. Prior to the consult, I was required to have an MRI. I received the definitive diagnosis at the first consultation with the surgeon in early December 2007. He showed me the torn tendons on the images, explained the surgical procedure that would repair the injury. Before I knew it, I was scheduled for surgery for 12/21. One week prior to surgery, I ran into a friend who is a massage therapist, who I'd known for several years as someone who was progressive her holistic health. She encouraged me to postpone the surgery, and try acupuncture. I was reserved in my expectations but was open to an alternative to facing 2 weeks surgical recovery, 6 weeks with my arm in a sling and 4-6 months of physical therapy."

I started weekly acupuncture with Brad Hill in early January - June 2008. He shared several testimonials from other patients he has treated with similar and different concerns. I learned immediately that acupuncture not only treats the injury but the whole person and that he would help me by directing my own healing energy toward my shoulder. Not only did my shoulder begin to improve, but my energy, both physically and mentally was invigorated. Brad incorporated some Chinese Herbs specifically to aid in directing healing energy to my shoulder, which did enhance the healing and my overall sense of wellness. My ability to focus began to improve and the treatments also helped me address addiction issues that I had to cope with stress. I joined a health club and started spinning 2-3 times/week as well as strength training. I consulted with a trainer at the club to strengthen my shoulder, which resulted in my being able to kayak and do all the activities I love to do. I am now taking a Chinese herbal prescription by Brad to address some tolerance/behavior issues.

The entire acupuncture experience has been positive. I never experience any pain or fear. My life has been enhanced in many ways. I plan to continue seeing Brad at least once a month. I always feel physically and emotionally better and Brad always takes the time to learn what is currently going on with me. -Mary