Acupuncture As Preventative Medicine

acupuncture, woman's back

Many people think of acupuncture as a treatment designed to help people deal with acute or chronic pain. While it is an effective method of addressing ongoing symptoms, acupuncture is also very powerful as a means of preventative medicine. Preventative medicine is taking action toward improving your health before you have any symptoms of illness […]

Chinese Herbal Medicine

Chinese herbs

While acupuncture has continued to grow in popularity, there is much less awareness and understanding of Chinese herbal medicine. Used in conjunction with acupuncture, or on their own, herbs have powerful and effective healing powers and can treat a wide variety of issues. Chinese herbal medicine is the most widely practiced herbal tradition in the […]

I Hate Being Sick

woman blowing her nose

Like everyone else, being knocked out by a virus and spending days in bed recovering is not high on my list of desired activities.  So it is as I find myself recovering from one of the many respiratory viruses that are currently running rampant in the area, after being flat out for days, that I […]