Dancer’s Back Pain:

By Brad Hill  |  May 20, 2013  | 

I am a 51 year-old former professional dancer. Since giving birth 15 years ago I have had almost constant back pain. Ten months ago the pain became so acute that I could hardly walk without tears. I followed my doctor’s recommendations and was still unable to get any relief. At this point I was frustrated and depressed over the constant pain so a friend referred me to Brad Hill for acupuncture treatment. During the first treatment I got substantial relief and after the second treatment I was pain free. I cried with joy. After just two treatments with Brad I started working out again. In just one week I was able to walk five miles on the treadmill. My relief was nothing short of amazing… especially for my husband who is a physician. I am happy to say I feel great and I’m looking forward to participating in the sixty-mile walk for breast cancer. – Sandra

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