Acupuncture Therapy, Chinese Herbal Medicine,
and Other Healing Modalities


My oldest child, Freddy, has suffered terribly from asthma and allergies for most of his life. What the doctors believed was chronic croup as infant, was then diagnosed as asthma, and by age 4, Freddy was placed on daily medications to control his asthmatic episodes. We maintained for 4 years on a cocktail of medications, increasing types and dosages of medicine in the Fall and Spring, when Freddy’s symptoms were the worst. On the whole, his symptoms remained well controlled, but at least once or twice a year, he required some emergency medical intervention.

During a family trip to Jamaica in the Spring when Freddy was 8, Freddy had the worst asthma attack of his life, which terrified us all, and resulted in him being placed on 11 different medications. In a consultation with his doctors, I asked about what else I could be doing to help Freddy, and inquired as to the side effects of the medications. I was assured that the medicines were safe, and that the best way to help Freddy was to keep him on those medications to prevent any further episodes. I was told he would most likely remain on some kind of allergy prescription for the rest of his life.

Freddy has always been a wonderful and very bright child, whose manner is calm and reserved. As he grew, however, he had become increasingly irritable, especially in the mornings, and he was generally lethargic. He did not want to play with friends after school. He never wanted to do any activity that required running. In general, he did not like to be outside. I believed that he had a quirky personality, that was often melancholy and inflexible.

After the asthma attack in Jamaica, I began to look into alternative therapies to treat allergies and asthma, and through word of mouth, (and I believe, God’s guidance) I came to find Brad Hill. When Freddy began seeing Brad, he was taking 8 daily medications, with 3 additional back up medicines as needed. Although his major asthma attack had been 5 months prior, the doctors were still unable to get his respiratory rates back to their previous baseline. After the first appointment with Brad, in the car on the ride home, Freddy yelled, “My chest…it feels up! I just want to run!” And so began our practice of Freddy running down the long driveway after his appointment---and me ( shocked at what I was seeing) following behind in the car.

Within 10 weeks of treatment with Brad ( a treatment that consisted of acupuncture and Chinese herbs), Freddy had been weaned from his medications ENTIRELY. He took absolutely nothing to control his asthma symptoms, and his doctors could not explain why his Pulmonary Function Tests were NORMAL.

As a mother, I was struck by the overwhelming change in Freddy’s personality. My sedentary child, was running to the bus stop in the morning, and asking to ride his bike the second he got off the bus in the afternoons. In the mornings he was sweet and happy. The child I had thought was quirky and inflexible was no longer there. Freddy talked about how much he hated his asthma medicine, and it made him feel like he was going to “explode” inside. At our Thanksgiving table, when we each shared what we were grateful for that year, Freddy said, “Brad.”

Now a year later, Freddy has made it through 2 of his worst allergy seasons without ANY medicine at all. The cats who used to cause his eyes to swell shut, he can now hold without incident. His asthma doctors say that his respiratory tests look like those of a child who has never had asthma. Our once weekly visits at the allergists have become a once a year check up.

It is my firm belief, that Brad’s intervention with Freddy changed his life, and the life of our entire family. Freddy is a different child, who is well and happy. As a mother, I no longer carry the constant fear of somehow being without his medicine when it is needed. I no longer pack an entire pharmacy with me for even a short weekend trip. I am overwhelmed with gratitude because I feel like Freddy is finally comfortable and free to be who he is supposed to be. For 8 years, between the symptoms and the medication side effects, I am not sure Freddy ever felt well…And now he does!

When I asked Freddy what he would tell other kids about acupuncture he said, “Tell them it doesn’t hurt. It is actually pretty fun. It is relaxing. And it will make them feel SOOOOOO much better.”

I am eternally grateful to Brad for what he has done for Freddy. As a mother, I will never be able to thank him enough.


When we came to Brad my then 9 year old son had disciform keratitis (a corneal lesion) that had caused his blue eye to turn white like a marble. The specialist had told us he would be blind in that eye until adulthood when he would be a candidate for a corneal transplant. When Brad first saw J. he received him with such a gentleness and lovingness that I wept. We had been in so many sterile doctors offices. In those places fast paced physicians shuffled us from room to room, test to test and only spoke to me, the parent.

The minute Brad spoke to J. I felt he was finally receiving care. Non-phased by the dramatic look of my son's eye Brad looked at him. He was relaxed and calm. After a silent moment he said, 'Well, perhaps you will have one that looks out into the world and one that looks inward.' He was the first person to see things as they were... physician, family member or friend. His acceptance was a blessing. Working from there was a beautiful place to start.

Within two weeks J's eye was showing dramatic improvement, much to the surprise of his two corneal specialists. Over the first months his vision improved from 20/400 to 20/60 where it has remained for over a year.

The treatments Brad has given my son have not only been productive and successful but also are relaxed, pleasant visits with someone who cares about us. He always looks at J., asks him general and specific questions about his well being, but also about his baseball season and the like. I love Brad's holistic approach to health issues. I shudder to think what would have happened had J. not received his care. Loss of vision is one thing but loss of depth perception is not to be underestimated. This had already been the cause of a broken rib and bike accident. With restored vision and depth perception Jansen leads a full academic and athletic life. Brad is earnest yet lighthearted, pleasant company. I can't emphasize enough the value of having someone who puts the "care" in healthcare (and the health too for that matter). -Kate

Seasonal Allergies:

This is a letter of appreciation to Brad Hill for helping me by using acupuncture to "cure" my allergies. I came to see Brad in the spring of 2004. I have been an extreme allergy sufferer for the past ten years. I was allergic to pollen, dust, cats, dogs, trees, flowers, ragweed, etc. I came to see Brad with a runny nose and very watery eyes along with a bit of skepticism. In the past I have taken Allegra, Claritin, Zyrtec, homeopathic medications and allergy shots to give me relief. None of these treatments worked. I had not been able to enjoy Spring in many years. I had to stay inside for fear of allergy attacks- which would last for hours. My symptoms were constant sneezing (30 times a day), watery-burning red eyes, irritability, and exhaustion during spring and a little less severe year round. I saw Brad Hill for treatment 9 times and I am now able to stand outside-coach soccer-garden and enjoy the outdoors. I appreciate all that Brad has done to help me. I can't believe how much my life has changed and how my health had improved. Brad spent time talking with me and trying to identify things in my environment which were contributing to my suffering. I am now allergy free-and loving life. Thank You. -Pleasance

Kayaking Injury:

In July, 2007, I hurt my shoulder while kayaking. I went to my primary care physician in September, who referred me to a shoulder surgeon. Prior to the consult, I was required to have an MRI. I received the definitive diagnosis at the first consultation with the surgeon in early December 2007. He showed me the torn tendons on the images, explained the surgical procedure that would repair the injury. Before I knew it, I was scheduled for surgery for 12/21. One week prior to surgery, I ran into a friend who is a massage therapist, who I'd known for several years as someone who was progressive her holistic health. She encouraged me to postpone the surgery, and try acupuncture. I was reserved in my expectations but was open to an alternative to facing 2 weeks surgical recovery, 6 weeks with my arm in a sling and 4-6 months of physical therapy."

I started weekly acupuncture with Brad Hill in early January - June 2008. He shared several testimonials from other patients he has treated with similar and different concerns. I learned immediately that acupuncture not only treats the injury but the whole person and that he would help me by directing my own healing energy toward my shoulder. Not only did my shoulder begin to improve, but my energy, both physically and mentally was invigorated. Brad incorporated some Chinese Herbs specifically to aid in directing healing energy to my shoulder, which did enhance the healing and my overall sense of wellness. My ability to focus began to improve and the treatments also helped me address addiction issues that I had to cope with stress. I joined a health club and started spinning 2-3 times/week as well as strength training. I consulted with a trainer at the club to strengthen my shoulder, which resulted in my being able to kayak and do all the activities I love to do. I am now taking a Chinese herbal prescription by Brad to address some tolerance/behavior issues.

The entire acupuncture experience has been positive. I never experience any pain or fear. My life has been enhanced in many ways. I plan to continue seeing Brad at least once a month. I always feel physically and emotionally better and Brad always takes the time to learn what is currently going on with me. -Mary

Food Allergies:

I'm not exaggerating when I say that Brad gave me my life back. When I came to Brad in Jan 2003, I was in desperate straits. My intense food allergies and the resulting intestinal and abdominal issues were devastating my life. I had had many conventional western tests (colonoscopy, endoscopy, RAST bloodwork allergy testing), had tried elimination diets, rotation diets and various supplements, and nothing seemed to work. I could only eat about ten foods without being completely incapacitated, I was spending hours in the bathroom, had lost a lot of weight, and felt half dead. My health concerns were affecting my quality of life, and I couldn't enjoy even the simple pleasures of life. I was exhausted and cranky and depressed and without hope.

I turned to acupuncture because I had nothing left to lose. Brad was attentive and thorough during the initial exam. Within three treatments, I noticed an easing in my symptoms; within five treatments, I was able to eat a few things that I hadn't been able to eat in a long time. It was so wonderful that I would call up family members weekly and announce what I was able to eat again! I was astounded at the change, as were they. My Dad, who is a physician, was deeply skeptical at first, but the results of acupuncture treatment were undeniable. I could eat!!!!

Brad's magic, as I began to call it, was in more than the needles. Brad raised some very basic and profound questions about my life and the choices I was making. It wasn't the food that was killing me; it was my body's reaction to it, and in a larger sense, my reaction to life. The doctors that I had seen, while competent, had never asked me to think about larger issues of my way of being in the world. For example, I was changing careers and I hated the direction I was going in. Brad helped me see new possibilities. Our talks opened up the way to a path that balances me, my family and my career in a much more fulfilling and peaceful way. The "magic," it turns out, is the combination of the Brad's needles, Brad's presence and my willingness to open up to new possibilities and consider new ways of being in the world.

I have recommended Brad to many of my friends. Brad's practice of acupuncture, on the body level, has freed me from food allergies. On the mind and spirit level, Brad has walked with me as I tried new possibilities and brought my body, mind and spirit to health. There is no greater gift. -Lisa

Allergies and General Wellness:

When I'm in pain... call Brad. I remember when my favorite dog died... my friend Harriet pulled me out of bed and brought me to your office. After spending an hour with you, I was able to function... grieve... but able to get on with my life. Also for the first time in my life (and remember I am old) not to have any allergy symptoms... Wow, that is monumental! So Brad, thank you for taking care of me and introducing me to another way of healing. I appreciate you sharing your wisdom and advice. -Ilene

Acid Reflux and General Wellness:

As a professional in the health-care field, I thought that taking medications for my acid reflux was the answer. But when the medications were making me ill, I had to find an alternative and Acupuncture seemed my best option. When I met Brad, I found him to be very approachable, compassionate, and understanding of all of my problems. Since my first treatment, I have been free of acid reflux and have achieved good health in other problem areas. Brad's Acupuncture seemed to be right on target for me and I was always happy to see him.

Brad Hill has been a God-send to my overall health, in particular my Acid Reflux and Fibromyalgia. He was right away a most gracious, compassionate, and personable guy who seemed to understand me beyond the words that I said. I was lucky to have found him.

Brad stands above most practitioners in the alternative health field. He is very intelligent, perceptive, and compassionate all with a smile and a kind word. My health has greatly improved with his treatments, and it's always a pleasure to receive a treatment. I'd recommend him to anyone for diagnosis and treatment without the use of drugs or surgery.

Brad cured my Acid Reflux in just a few treatments, all with a smile and kind words that were exactly what I needed to hear. He is very perceptive, intuitive and kind and was able to help me with other health problems in a non-invasive, feel-good way. -Anonymous

Acute Knee Pain:

One day in September 2008, as I was seeking relief from acute pain in my right knee, I knocked at Brad's door. This tall, gentle, courteous, welcoming gentleman, my future acupuncturist, invited me in.

Actually, during this initial visit, which lasted 2 hours, we engaged in a long detailed conversation concerning my physical symptoms, as well as my emotional and psychological state, my work and other lifestyle information. From this first encounter with Mr. Brad Hill, I sensed I was accepted for who I am, never felt judged. Then, as he unleashed the Chinese techniques to help my body heal itself, did I realize I had found a great treasure in this genuine "American Healer," this unforgettable person with a heart of compassion and understanding. And so I did not hesitate to request some advice on how to help some of my friends with their ailments. Mr. Hill is one who forgets himself and shows regard for the worth of others.

Moreover, he is a well-educated, calm, stable practitioner, always diligent, trying to do all tasks well and on time. Without exception he provides quality health care in a kind, tranquil manner. If you ever have a chance to deal with Mr. Hill, you will soon learn that he is one who is courteous, benevolent, and considerate. He has a distinct quality of being.

ONE LAST NOTE. My pain is gone. My right knee has been restored, is back in balance without side effects or surgery. I feel I have a new lease on life. -T.B.

Dancer's Back Pain:

I am a 51 year-old former professional dancer. Since giving birth 15 years ago I have had almost constant back pain. Ten months ago the pain became so acute that I could hardly walk without tears. I followed my doctor's recommendations and was still unable to get any relief. At this point I was frustrated and depressed over the constant pain so a friend referred me to Brad Hill for acupuncture treatment. During the first treatment I got substantial relief and after the second treatment I was pain free. I cried with joy. After just two treatments with Brad I started working out again. In just one week I was able to walk five miles on the treadmill. My relief was nothing short of amazing... especially for my husband who is a physician. I am happy to say I feel great and I'm looking forward to participating in the sixty-mile walk for breast cancer. - Sandra

Neck Pain:

My neck was broken in an accident four years ago. I have been in constant pain, even with physical therapy and pain medication. As a result of acupuncture treatment with Brad, my neck feels better than anytime since before the accident. - Grad Student

Tennis Player's Leg Injuries and Pain:

Tennis has always been my passion in life. However, because of hamstring and ankle injuries that would not heal, I was unable to play for two years. I thought I might never play again. After being treated with acupuncture by Brad, I have no more pain and have resumed playing tennis. - M.Attorney

Lyme Disease:

In January 2008 I was diagnosed with Chronic Lyme Disease. It was a relief to get an answer to the multiple disabling physical problems that I'd been experiencing for more than four years. Unfortunately, finding a cure to the disease has been as difficult as finding the diagnosis. Lyme disease is often misdiagnosed and when left untreated can develop into a host of problems including arthritis. For me, the arthritis occurs in my spine, hips and lower back, but it is not just in joints. The inflammation is in every tendon, fascia, and muscle. And then there are just the endless days of feeling crappy, in some way, shape, or form. The causative agent in Lyme disease is a bacterium called Borelli. However, there are also co-infections that come along: Ehrlachia, Bartonella, and Babesia. They invade every cell of the body and further complicate the hunt for the cure.

Fortunately, I have Brad Hill on my side as I seek treatment to get better. Brad began treating me for Lyme Disease in May 2008 and I firmly believe he is an answered prayer. Brad uses both his knowledge of acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine to help support my healing. Each weekly visit, Brad gently talks to me to find out how I'm really doing. What is going on in my heart, in my head, and in my body. Everything is connected. He finds the right treatment to support my body, in particular my battered immune system. He finds the right treatment to support my constitution. He finds the right words to soothe any anxieties.

Brad goes above and beyond your average health care practitioner. He has read up on Lyme disease, consulted others in the field, and shared useful information he has learned from other patients. Brad has prescribed Chinese Herbs that have tremendously helped my body to eliminate the toxins from my antibiotic treatment. His approach is specific yet holistic, and I wholeheartedly recommend Brad Hill for whatever ails you. - Anonymous

Phobias and Fear:

Acupuncture from Brad Hill cured my irrational fear of the power of water. Since buying a boat 4 years ago, I have not been able to enjoy it, until this summer. It used to be that every time I got onto the boat, I knew that my 2 children, my husband, and I were going to die, and no one could convince me otherwise. I'm a very cerebral person; I can almost always reason myself out of (and into) anything. This unreasonable terror got worse every summer, until I just stopped going with my family on the boat. This was unacceptable to me... we live on the coast of Maine, for crying out loud! I finally accepted that I needed someone else's help with overcoming this debilitating emotion.

I first tried 10 months (boating off-season) of polarity therapy and had only positive expectations that following summer. The first day out, on semi-choppy water, I totally panicked. I was so angry with myself for failing at this. This experience proved to me, without a doubt, that my issue was not a matter of "mind over matter;" I had started the season with 100% confidence that polarity therapy had erased my terror. My failure was shocking to me.

I then tried 10 months of acupuncture from Brad Hill the following off-season, because it couldn't hurt. And when I stepped onto our boat this summer, I was NOT filled with confidence. Why should I trust acupuncture, after I trusted polarity therapy, and had no success? But I had to get on the boat, because we had guests. It was a particularly choppy day. I assumed my position: shotgun, white-knuckling the dashboard, and holding my breath. I refrained from donning my lifejacket, which I usually do, so I wouldn't scare our guests. After about 2 minutes, I realized I wasn't holding my breath, and that I wasn't feeling like we were all going to die, as I was completely prepared to feel. I found this very curious. I thought about the situation. I looked around, a bit surprised. I let go of the dashboard. I did not panic. I took a really deep breath (usually totally impossible for me on the boat), and still did not panic. We bounced to our destination, and I was ecstatic!

Although I did not enjoy myself on the bumpy ride, I DID NOT FEEL LIKE I WAS GOING TO DIE. I knew that the acupuncture treatments had worked on a very deep level, in a very subtle and powerful way, to get me over my hump. The rest of my recovery will involve baby-stepping my way to total comfort and ultimately, joy. - Anonymous

Pain and Stress:

Curiosity was the reason I first decided to try acupuncture and it was results that kept me coming back for over two years. I am an Osteopathic Physician who appreciates the concept of mind, body and spirit medicine. The results that have occurred give me a great trust in Brad and his application of the therapy. I have experienced resolution of many middle-aged male aches and pains and no longer need to use Advil on a daily basis. Most importantly, I am a calmer person and don't feel like I am going to die anymore.

I have a professionally stressful life and during the past five years I have seen my marriage dissolving. The despair I felt was as if I was dying. After a few months of treatment with brad, I regained my balance of mind-body-spirit and the feelings dissipated. I am now receiving maintenance therapy and life is much richer. - Dr. J.R.