Pain Relief Acupuncture

Dealing with acute chronic pain can be debilitating and inhibit you from working and enjoying life. Acupuncture can be an effective and natural treatment for those who suffer from chronic pain. Brad will work with you to create a specific course of pain relief acupuncture treatment that will get you back on your feet and enjoying the things you love again.

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Acute Knee Pain:

One day in September 2008, as I was seeking relief from acute pain in my right knee, I knocked at Brad's door. This tall, gentle, courteous, welcoming gentleman, my future acupuncturist, invited me in.

Actually, during this initial visit, which lasted 2 hours, we engaged in a long detailed conversation concerning my physical symptoms, as well as my emotional and psychological state, my work and other lifestyle information. From this first encounter with Mr. Brad Hill, I sensed I was accepted for who I am, never felt judged. Then, as he unleashed the Chinese techniques to help my body heal itself, did I realize I had found a great treasure in this genuine "American Healer," this unforgettable person with a heart of compassion and understanding. And so I did not hesitate to request some advice on how to help some of my friends with their ailments. Mr. Hill is one who forgets himself and shows regard for the worth of others.

Moreover, he is a well-educated, calm, stable practitioner, always diligent, trying to do all tasks well and on time. Without exception he provides quality health care in a kind, tranquil manner. If you ever have a chance to deal with Mr. Hill, you will soon learn that he is one who is courteous, benevolent, and considerate. He has a distinct quality of being.

ONE LAST NOTE. My pain is gone. My right knee has been restored, is back in balance without side effects or surgery. I feel I have a new lease on life. -T.B.

Dancer's Back Pain:

I am a 51 year-old former professional dancer. Since giving birth 15 years ago I have had almost constant back pain. Ten months ago the pain became so acute that I could hardly walk without tears. I followed my doctor's recommendations and was still unable to get any relief. At this point I was frustrated and depressed over the constant pain so a friend referred me to Brad Hill for acupuncture treatment. During the first treatment I got substantial relief and after the second treatment I was pain free. I cried with joy. After just two treatments with Brad I started working out again. In just one week I was able to walk five miles on the treadmill. My relief was nothing short of amazing... especially for my husband who is a physician. I am happy to say I feel great and I'm looking forward to participating in the sixty-mile walk for breast cancer. - Sandra

Neck Pain:

My neck was broken in an accident four years ago. I have been in constant pain, even with physical therapy and pain medication. As a result of acupuncture treatment with Brad, my neck feels better than anytime since before the accident. - Grad Student

Tennis Player's Leg Injuries and Pain:

Tennis has always been my passion in life. However, because of hamstring and ankle injuries that would not heal, I was unable to play for two years. I thought I might never play again. After being treated with acupuncture by Brad, I have no more pain and have resumed playing tennis. - M.Attorney

Pain and Stress:

Curiosity was the reason I first decided to try acupuncture and it was results that kept me coming back for over two years. I am an Osteopathic Physician who appreciates the concept of mind, body and spirit medicine. The results that have occurred give me a great trust in Brad and his application of the therapy. I have experienced resolution of many middle-aged male aches and pains and no longer need to use Advil on a daily basis. Most importantly, I am a calmer person and don't feel like I am going to die anymore.

I have a professionally stressful life and during the past five years I have seen my marriage dissolving. The despair I felt was as if I was dying. After a few months of treatment with brad, I regained my balance of mind-body-spirit and the feelings dissipated. I am now receiving maintenance therapy and life is much richer. - Dr. J.R.