Acupuncture As Preventative Medicine

By Acupuncture  |  March 30, 2018  |  Acupuncture,Preventive Medicine

acupuncture, woman's backMany people think of acupuncture as a treatment designed to help people deal with acute or chronic pain. While it is an effective method of addressing ongoing symptoms, acupuncture is also very powerful as a means of preventative medicine. Preventative medicine is taking action toward improving your health before you have any symptoms of illness or responding to the beginning symptoms of your body being out of balance. Just as you wouldn’t wait until the gas tank in your car is completely empty before filling it up, preventative medicine is a proactive step towards helping your body feel its very best – before it “runs out of gas” and problems arise.

Acupuncture works at preventing various health conditions and diseases before they happen. While most types of standard medical care involve the use of treating symptoms long after a condition or disease has been diagnosed, acupuncture balances the body and strengthens the immune system, preventing many health issues before they arise or become worse. By addressing early symptoms like mood changes, sleep problems, digestive issues, and headaches, acupuncture treatments can prevent more serious medical conditions down the road. Putting the body in balance through a customized treatment not only boosts your immunity, but also combats body pain, improves focus and memory, increases energy, and enhances your overall quality of life.

Every family has a health history and genetic tendencies towards weakness in certain areas of the body. And these genetic tendencies are highly influenced by the lifestyle we live. We live in a world where we are overworked, sleep deprived, and stressed out. We push ourselves harder until our health suffers. Our eating habits may not always be the best. Chinese medicine compares the body to a garden. It is something that must be tended and nurtured. You must look at it everyday to detect subtle changes and make adjustments in order for it to flourish. Regular acupuncture treatments, even when there are no obvious signs or symptoms, help maintain health, even when life is demanding.

Don’t wait until something “breaks” before considering the benefits of acupuncture. Incorporating regular treatments into your routine is a vital way of achieving overall wellness. Contact Brad Hill Wellness at 301-639-9759 to schedule a consultation.

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