Acupuncture For Allergies

Woman blowing her nose

The beauty of spring is in full bloom and the warmer temperatures make outdoor activities very appealing. But for many, enjoying the outdoors comes at a price – seasonal allergies. There are a wide variety of traditional treatments available, from allergy shots to anti-histamines to nasal sprays and eye drops, but they don’t always work […]

Healing By Invitation As Taught By Children

Little girl with red hair

But it did happen.  Over and over again I see children respond to acupuncture (laser vs. needles with children) and herbs faster and more dramatically than adults.  Why is this? Healing is a process of invitation and growth.  Just as physical healing requires cell growth and psychological healing requires emotional growth, deep healing supported by […]

Natural Allergy Relief

Chinese herbs

Itchy eyes, frequent sneezing, and a runny nose are just the start of the laundry list of nuisances brought on by allergies. When you’re a frequent allergy sufferer, you know exactly how miserable your allergies make you and how much they can affect your life. They make exercise, sleep, and work difficult and sometimes even […]